To bid on an auction click on the button “create account” and follow the instructions. You will receive a mail with password, and have to log on with this within 24 hours.


When you purchase an item, a purchasing fee of 20 % (including VAT) is calculated on top of the auction price, as well as a fee of 25 SEK (including VAT).

Payment options

Payment must be made no later than 7 days after the auction has ended. Payment is possible via bank account or card and cash on site.

Collection of items

Purchased items are to be picked up within 7 days after the auction has ended. After 7 days a fee of 100SEK / item / week will be added. Neglecting to collect the items result in the items being sold again with a cost of 200SEK / item. Items that are payed but not collected within appointed time are no longer the responsibility of Haraldssons Auktioner.

If the buying conditions are not fulfilled the customer will be suspended from further bidding.

Visiting address

Sandbäcksvägen 8E, 275 33 Sjöbo, Sweden

Phone: + 46 416 41 15 42

Banc account:  117-6726


IBAN:   SE76 8000 0831 3907 4283 3767 (changed in february 2015)

Opening hours for display and collection of items 

Ordinary opening hours (send e-mail or call if other hours is preferable):

Monday    13.00 - 18.00
Tuesday    13.00-18.00
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday  13.00 - 18.00
Friday       CLOSED
Saturday    9.00 - 12.00
Sunday       CLOSED


Måndag 13-18
Tisdag 13-18
Torsdag 13-18
Lördag 9-12


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